Information on Elections held in Cherokee County, Iowa can be found here. 


County Seat
Cherokee County Courthouse
520 West Main
Cherokee, IA 51012

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Online Voter Registration

Top 5 Reasons to Vote!

   5. Your vote has extra power in local elections, such as city council and state legislature elections, because the number of eligible voters is smaller.

   4. Communities with a higher number of registered voters get more attention from politicians. Don't let your community get left behind!

   3. Our predecessors have suffered and struggled for this right. Each prior generation of your family has lived through, suffered through, or participated in a struggle to expand voter rights. From 1870 to 1971, Americans fought against laws barring African American, female, illiterate, poor, and 18 to 20 year old Americans from voting. If you or your family has recently immigrated to this country, then your family has invested a great amount of money and effort in pursuit of greater opportunities and/or freedoms.

   2. You represent a combination of interests unique to only you. When you register to vote, you become part of multiple networks that share your concerns and interests. For example, you may become part of voting blocks interested in preserving your community.

   1. It's your right! Voting is the cornerstone of democracy. The power and responsibility of governing lies upon every citizen. Your vote is your power.

Absentee Voting

   Request for ballot should be made by mail to the Commissioner of Elections no earlier than 70 days prior to an election.

   In requesting an absentee ballot, state your name, voting address, the address to which your ballot should be sent, party affiliation (in Primary Elections) and sign request as you are registered.

   Absentee votes may be cast in person at the Cherokee County Auditorís Office, as soon as ballots are available.

   Those in the Armed Forces need not register if they vote a military ballot.  The request constitutes registration, with a Cherokee address.

   For Federal Elections, any qualified elector who becomes a patient or resident of a hospital or health care facility within three days prior to the date of an election, may request an absentee ballot during that period or on Election day.  Requestor may also telephone the commissioner not later than four hours before the close of the polls.  If the request is in order, an absentee ballot will be personally delivered.